The college laboratories provide controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement are performed. The main laboratories in the college are housed in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Statistics, Biotechnology and Computer Science. To meet the requirements of ever-burgeoning number of students, the college maintains a total of 25 laboratories in the various departments of sciences, two in the Department of Computer Science, one in the Department of Mathematics , one in the Department of Statistics, one in the Department of Commerce, and one each in the Department of Bio-technology and Department of Library Science. There are separate laboratories for students of B.Sc. (Ist, IInd, and IIIrd year), and of M.Sc (all the four semesters).

The college makes consistent efforts to maintain as well as upgrade the instruments, software, etc. in each of these laboratories. To ensure that the process of research and/or teaching/learning remains unhindered, all the laboratories are well equipped with power back up. Furthermore, the well-trained technical staff in the laboratories assists the learners/researchers to carry out their work smoothly.

To polish students’ language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the college has a language lab that is housed in the Department of English. Laced with 20 computers based on updated configuration and latest language software along with other related accessories such as headphones, etc., the lab tackles students’ needs related to language proficiency. The lab helps to supplement the theoretical aspects of the subject of phonetics with the aid of related audio-videos. The lab is also equipped with a projector, presentation screen and appropriate sound system that enable the teacher to complement lessons with power-point slides, documentaries, videos of interviews of authors, etc. All the activities of the language lab are aimed at making the teaching/learning process more interesting, interactive and effective.

The college aims to widen the scope of the language lab by extending its facilities to students of all the departments of the college. Special classes are held periodically to make students effective communicators. These classes also attempt to impart to students the basic skills of writing a résumé, facing an interview, handling telephonic conversations, etc.